Monday, November 14, 2016

Virtual Zack

Social media is just one of those things in the world… I hate that I love it. The world is in constant transition, especially with social media. Who thought that 10 years ago we would be post something on the internet that could go directly to someone anywhere around the world. It is said that 78% of Americans have some social media profile and almost 2 billion people worldwide. This is just an unbelievable number to really put in your head and think about it.

I personally have many different social media platforms including Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Reddit. Out of all of these platforms I use to use Facebook the most when there were no parents on it trying to get the hang of it and talk to you all the time. I use Instagram, twitter and snapchat the most.

Instagram, I have had an Instagram for 5 years now, starting with a picture of me and my best friend at our soccer camp over the summer.
This was back when only a few people had Instagram so I only received around 5 likes on the picture. Instagram is a platform where most people go and post a picture or video that others will like or enjoy. Typically from a vacation, party, concert or some significant event that they went to. The other things on Instagram are direct messages where you can send pictures to individual people, also there are Instagram stories. This is something that is pretty much stolen from snapchat which I will be discussing next. Lastly is my most recent picture that I posted to my Instagram.

The social network account that I use just as much as Instagram is Snapchat. Like I was saying earlier, stories on Instagram were kind of stolen from Snapchat because they have what is called snap stories. You can post this just like an Instagram picture or video but on snapchat it is only there for 24 hours. You can also send pictures or videos to 1 or people at a time without putting it on your story for everyone to see. Now the biggest thing on snapchat is filters, there are different filters you can scroll through and put animations on things or your face. The most popular is the “puppy face”. One of the latest things is “featured and subscriptions”, which includes daily mail, NFL, Buzz feed, ESPN, Cosmopolitan, CNN, Comedy Central, MTV, etc. These are pretty much like stores that snapchat puts out about these topics. I usually do not post much to my stories but do send individual snaps quite frequently.

The last big social media platform that I use constantly is twitter. I actually am in a social media class now and poster for a local company Media Xchange. I post on that account 2 times a day every day. For my account, I do not post much, I usually am retweeting my friends tweets or sharing certain tweets with friends. There is also a DM feature in twitter where you can send individual people tweets. One of the most iconic things about twitter is the #hashtag. This was started on twitter and is still used extremely frequent. This is usually used at the end of the tweet usually a word that is associated with the tweet being sent out. One of newest things on twitter is “moments”, this is pretty much the biggest news events for the day or a few days. 

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