Monday, November 21, 2016

Morgan is Obsessed With Grey's Anatomy

My original work of electronic literature is a Grey's Anatomy Self-Generating Poem. This poem takes lines from the television show "Grey's Anatomy," including the life advise the characters give each other, mixed in with medical terminology used. People who have seen the show will understand this, but the poem randomly breaking up the quotes and throwing in medical terms is similar to the show. In this series, the characters are all very close friends that work together in a hospital. One will be going through a crisis and a friend will be giving them deep, heart-felt advise, when all of a sudden a patient is dying or the emergency room is fulling up with patients. So their advise is quickly interrupted so they can move on to the importance of the medical attention a patient needs. Mixing literature with my favorite Netflix series made college a lot more fun.
~Morgan Gleixner

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