Sunday, November 13, 2016

Virtual Morgan

Twenty one centuries later and the world has been taken over by technology. It has grew rapidly, has increased our knowledge, and has made many tasks easier and faster. Technology has become peoples most common recreational past time. As it is being used by most age groups, millennial's are the stars of the show. Social media and video game consuls are the most used technological upgrades used by the younger population. Social media is a way for this young population to stay connected with each other and update others on what is going on in their life.

As stated in "Like. Flirt. Ghost: A Journey Into The Social Media Lives of Teens," "Besides, ask any teen how to use social media-what those rules are- and they won't be able to tell you a thing. Bust ask them targeted questions and they'll break down a palimpsest of etiquette in rote, exhaustive detail..." This was proven in class as Dr. Justus asks his class questions about Snapchat. Many of us could break down his specific questions, however, if he would have vaguely asked "What is Snapchat?" or "How do you use Snapchat?" no one would have known exactly how to break it down enough to explain. I was able to answer a majority of his questions during class because I would describe myself as social media savvy.

I am just like any other typical girl that loves to update their Instagram accounts on their latest adventures, outfits, or best friends birthdays.  This is the site I spend a majority of my time on between all of my social media accounts. "Why do people do this?" is a common question my mother likes to ask me. I never have a good answer besides "This is what kids do now-a-days, Mom." I post a lot on this site and have a decent amount of followers, however, I'm not dedicated enough to get upset if I do not receive a certain amount of "likes" on a photo. I mostly enjoy posting so I will be able to have something to look at when I grow old to reminisce on the memories. My most recent Instagram post is the photo below, wishing a great friend from home, a happy birthday by sharing a memory we shared at Taco Bell. The mild sauce packet that I'm holding in this pictures states, "you're my soul mate."

Snapchat is the second most used social media site on my Iphone. There are so many different reasons as to why. The best reason I could give is because it's just an easier and more fun version  of texting. Sending a funny selfie of yourself and asking whats going on for the weekend is more entertaining than just sending them a text message.

Twitter is a close second to Snapchat of apps i use mostly. Twitter is where I let out my wittier self. Well, at least I like to think that I'm funny. I could scroll through my timeline for hours and watch all the funny animal videos or read all the sarcastic tweets coming from my peers. Its pretty neat to see when someone is going through the same situation as you or if someone has the same smart aleck humor as you.

Facebook is the most used social media and this is because it is more open to age ranges. This was the first social media I ever had and I am slowly growing out of it. I check it once in awhile to check on my family and to see what the people from high school are up to. My profile pictures usually stick to photos of me including some family member. It is currently a picture of my brother, my aunt Mary Lou, my Mom, and I.

As one could see, I could classify myself as social media savvy. I enjoy the entertainment that comes from each and every site. I would like to say that I am the same person on and off the screen. I do not try to present a person different from who I am. People know I am pretty heavily active on social networks and I myself know it too, and I'm okay with it. I take no offense when people point out how much I play on my phone because that is who I am. Some people like to play a lot of video games, some like to play a lot of sports; I enjoy reading about others and posting about my life. It's a fun way to learn about others and they learn about you.

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