Thursday, December 15, 2016

Essay Exhibit

The final essay exhibit is new to the class of Digital Humanities and I believe we can all say it was a hit. It gave everyone some time to make an outline and get some thoughts down for their final essay in a more creative way. Most individuals made a powerpoint or prezi and others were more elaborated. This also gave options for opinions for the writer from multiple different people. The ones I found most interesting were Bailyn and Zack's.

Bailyn was one of many of us that made a prezi presentation. She is writing her final paper on hyperlinks, however, her presentation goes beyond that. She recapped the whole semester of Digital Humanities into one presentation and the work and thought that had to go into that is astonishing. It was cool to look back and realize how much we have learned and cool to see how hyperlinks have played such a big part of it. She picked a topic that accurately describes the field of Digital Humanities.

Zack was ahead of the game and changed up the exhibit by giving us a Google Maps essay to look at. He is writing his paper on the history of Nintendo and it was so crazy to see all the consoles that lead up to all of Nintendo’s famous works, such as the Wii. It was also neat to learn about all the new items Nintendo has created that I had no clue about. Nintendo paved the way for the rest of video games and now video games are part of our everyday culture. I think Zack picked a good topic that relates to digital humanities by bringing in some of the history of video games and how is has come about.

As you can see, this essay exhibit gave all of us a chance to see how people are relating what we learned back to the field of Digital Humanities. It was also an opportunity for us to brainstorm, get ideas, and expand our thinking for our own final papers. My personal favorite part of the essay exhibit was recollecting on the semester and how much knowledge was actually thrown our way.

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