Friday, December 9, 2016

Essay Exhibit

The Digital Humanities class recently completed an Essay Exhibit, in which students create multimedia works in order to creatively present their final paper topics. On Wednesday, half of the class presented their multimedia works to the classroom, and in turn, received feedback regarding their papers topics, as well as possible paper outlines.

 The first exhibit I decided to check out was Patrick Stahl’s. Patrick’s paper will focus on the subject of low-technological poetry and fringe art. Patrick’s piece was found in a hyperlink in a blog post, and to present his ideas, Patrick created a five minute video that showed multiple forms of electronic poetry that were created on basic computer applications, such as Microsoft Excel. He included multiple examples in this video; all of his examples were self-made, or came from a person in his digital poetry class. Patrick’s paper topic is interesting, and it is obvious that he has a clear and organized thesis. By using his own and his classmate’s digital poetry as examples, he is making it unique, as well as relatable.

The second exhibit I encountered was Morgan’s, who is completing a research paper on the internet group called Anonymous. Morgan is focusing on the history of Anonymous, some events and uproars the group created, and how the group’s formation and work is technically connected to the digital humanities. She plans on including pictures in her final essay. She used a Prezi to present her information. Morgan’s topic is extremely interesting, and relates to the digital humanities. It is also neat that she has decided to write on a topic that the class never got the chance to discuss.

Image result for Anonymous

 Patrick and Morgan have chosen great topics for their final papers; both tie directly to the realm of the “Digital Humanities”, and gives them chances to build upon what they have learned throughout the semester.

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