Friday, September 23, 2016

What is Digital Humanities

Digital humanities: it employs the use of technology for research of humanities and subjects technology for questioning. It is essentially a relationship between humanities and the digital. (DH) was once referred to as “Humanities Computing.” What it really bubbles down to is the intersection between the once normal humanities and now the new and improved digital form, which allows for more in depth research and computing into images and text. A playful way to use humanities in this modern era where everything is done through technology. Whether it is on your iPad, iPhone, laptop or many others, we can now teach and research new ways of digital humanities.

Another way of describing digital humanities is information in electronic form. We work through electronic literature in class going through different processes of clicking on one thing to take you to another. Also having a story or information brought to you through these games/works of art. Finally Digital humanities can be used as a way to answer many different research questions. The definition of Digital Humanities in my eyes has and will forever continue to formulate in to something truly amazing to be studied.

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