Monday, September 12, 2016

Digital Humanities Makes Life Easier

Digital Humanities is a not-so-basic mix between the "digital" world and all of the humanities. You may be thinking that I’m about to explaining everything under the sun, but false. It explores the technological ways the human race has evolved. Digital humanities covers all types of experiments on how the internet and humans interact and how us humans us the internet to our fullest potential to conduct works of art such as electronic poetry and electronic literature. Also including humans making use of the technological tools for types of research, analyzing, studying, teaching, and understanding our world as a whole.

To evaluate on electronic literature and electronic poetry, it's more complex than the human brain can possibly wrap around. It's not simply literary works and poems written online. It's using the tools online to conduct amazing unique individual pieces. Works that sometimes are not even readable, but to get the reader thinking about what the author was trying to get across for creating such a unique piece.

Back to digital humanities, it explains how we humans make the humanities digitized. Anything that is “real” or alive in the world, is possible to be made digital. Once made digital, it is in easier access for everyone to have and use the information to learn about or learn with. In our generation, reaching things digitized is an option at any moment.

With our generation, and almost everyone having a smartphone, the internet is available all day every day right in our pockets. When there is a person questioning things, it takes approximately 30 seconds to get their phone out, bring up Safari, and typing in that question in the search bar. Bam, an answer to any question possible is available immediately.

Digital humanities makes life easier on our generation because it gives us impatient people what we want and what we are searching for or being plain out curious about right on the spot.

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